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New Care Clinic

Urgent Care Doctor located in Westchester, Los Angeles, CA

The New Care Clinic offers a full range of medications, medical equipment, and supplies available to patients in the Westchester, CA, and greater Los Angeles, CA area.

On-site Pharmacy & Supplies Q & A


What if I suffer from a sprain, strain or fracture?

When you have suffered from a sprain, strain or fracture New Care Clinic is ready to provide you with the highest quality in braces and splinting supplies. They provide superior support in order to prevent further injury and comfort that aids in your healing. Durable Medical Equipment (DME) such as braces, splints, and crutches will require payment at time of visit.

Will my insurance cover the supplies?

Depending on your insurance plan some of these DME supplies may or may not be reimbursed. We only supply equipment deemed necessary based on the standard of medical care guidelines set forth in the United States. No more and no less then what is needed.